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Well Inspection Houston, TX

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Well Inspection

Who Should Have This Inspection?

Most rural homes in the state of Texas rely on a well for their water source.  If your home is one of these it is highly recommended to have a well inspection done.  Our inspection will look for potential issues with the well.  Issues such as the well location, the depth, or faulty equipment.  Any of these issues could be costly to fix.

Water is the life source of all living things.  It has the necessary minerals and nutrients the body needs to survive.  Without clean water, quality of life would not be possible.  We can ensure your well is giving you the cleanest drinking water possible.

Well Inspection
Well Inspection

Why You Should Have This Inspection?

There are a few signs that you should pay attention to when it comes to your water.  If you start seeing these signs, an inspection is needed.  Signs such as, an unusual taste, water discoloration, or a foul odor could be signs of a contaminate in your water.  Your water quality should be tested.

Most people do not realize that household water supplies can contain harmful bacteria or high levels of lead in some areas.  This may not affect a healthy adult but could be dramatic for those with weak immune systems, pregnant women, elderly, or children.

Tips on Well Maintenance

Annual Testing

Every year, testing the well water for total coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, nitrates, radon and arsenic is important. You will need to keep a record of this. Additionally, check the well for signs of damage or contamination.

Make sure that the area around the well is clear of debris, at least 100 feet. Also, checking for negative grading in the yard is a good idea as you don’t want runoff going towards the well.

Well Maintenance Every 3 Years

Hire a professional to testing for the ph. and total dissolved solids.  Also tests on the uses of the land that are nearby as that can affect the water supply. The other areas that will be tested are:

  1. Flow test that determines the output
  2. Check of the water level
  3. Pump motor performance
  4. Pressure tank and pressure switch contact
  5. Testing of the water quality for bacteria (as mentioned above)
  6. Equipment is tested to ensure it is sanitary

Well Maintenance Every 10 Years

The life of a well is about 20 years, however, it can be shorter depending on the soil, climate, and other factors.  Hiring a professional to inspect the well every 10 years is important.

How to Fix Issues

If negative grading is an issue, you can fix this by adding in more soil or looking into a drainage system. Keeping the water away from the well is the idea.

Eaves – can help keep the water away from the home and downspouts will help the water continue to flow out of the yard.

Well Maintenance Record Keeping

Penn State University recommends the following:

1. Keep a water well completion report or log – this should include information about the water well depth, date drilled, construction (including casing specifications, grouting and screen), and water well yield or flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm)

2. Water quality test reports– when you have the water tested, keep track of the results, along with the past inspection reports.

3.Invoices from work done by water well contractors (including pump replacement and water treatment equipment warranties, invoices, and manuals.

All of this information is important to keep track as you need this in case there are future issues or you tell the home.

Other Well Maintenance

  1. Keep paints, fertilizers, pesticides and all hazardous materials away from the well in order to avoid contamination with the water supply.
  2. Mixing chemicals- if you are mixing chemicals, keep the hose out of the chemicals as it can bring the chemicals into the hose and into the water system.
  3. If it is a home that is new to you, consult a professional to make sure that there is adequate space between the waste systems, home, and well.
  4. Check the well cap periodically to make sure it is on correctly and not broken.  It should also be 1 foot out of the ground.

Factors That Can Lower the Life of the Well

  1. Corrosion of metal casing– this can lead to sand pumping and deterioration of the well system.  Stainless steel screens are more expensive than carbon screens but last longer.
  2. Pump damage– this can be due to extremely high temperatures, corrosion of pump parts, and pumping of sand and sediment that is abrasive.  Have a professional take a look to see if the problems above can be fixed or a new well system is required.

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Very punctual, and detailed. Pointed out spots that I missed. These guys make you feel comfortable going into a home, so you won’t have to come out of pocket for repairs.

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Overall great service. I was not able to attend the inspection, because of personal reasons. Inspector called and provided a very detailed summary of inspection over the phone. The report had plenty of pictures and detailed explanations. I would definitely recommend their services.

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Lou And his crew was amazing at explaining everything about the home. They showed up on time and made sure that me and my fiancé would know everything about the home - maintenance and repairs! Highly recommend.

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