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Can A Dryer Leak Water

By January 19, 2022Home maintenance
Vacuum a dryer vent hose

Many people have their washer and dryer in the laundry room of their home, utility room, and sometimes in their garage. While checking the dryer to see if your clothes are ready for work, you notice water near the dryer. Can a dryer leak water? Yes, often if there is water leaking from the dryer, it is due to a ventilation issue or it is the condenser dryer.

Let’s take a look at how to fix this issue. The last thing we want to see when trying to dry our clothes is water leaking from the dryer. As mentioned above, it is usually an issue with the ventilation or the condensation dryer.

Dryer hose

1. Blocking of Ventilation

The dryer heats air and distributes it around the drum. This is how it dries the clothes. However, if the dryer can’t get the warm air out through the vents, then condensing happens and water collects in the dryer.

Where do you check first? The ventilation hose that comes out of the dryer. Check there is no twisting of the hose because this could be blocking the air from flowing through freely. It should be straight and horizontal as much as possible. Also, check the lint screen. This can have lint build-up and cause blockages that won’t allow the air to flow.

Causes of Blockage

Lint and Fabric – Often the blockage is caused by random lint and fabric pieces that are in the ventilation system. When you combine this with the damp air, then a clump forms.

Outside vent clogged – if you can check the external vent outside, hold your hand close to it and see if you can feel the air. If you can, that is great! If not, you need to clean it out or call a professional. Cleaning out the ventilation system at least once a year is recommended so you don’t find yourself with a blockage.

How to fix this Issue

  1. Remove panel – disconnect the power from the dryer
  2. Disconnect the ventilation hose – this is attached to the dryer and if you disconnect it, you can clean it out.
  3. Reconnecting the hose – after you clean it out, reconnect the hose and make sure it is no cut off of air flow in the hose.

2. Vent Duct Issues

Lack of Insulation

If it isn’t a blockage causing the clothes dryer to start leaking water, it may be a lack of insulation around the vent duct. Often, this happens in colder climates when the hot air from the dryer meets the cold temperature air from the outdoors. Also, this can happen if the ducts go through a cold area like a basement and there is no proper insulation.

How to fix this issue: Insulate the vent duct.

3. Holes in Vent Duct

If there are holes in the vent duct, condensation can come in, the dryer will leak water and damage the pipe. You may need to replace it.

How to fix this issue: replace the vent duct or purchase heavy-duty heating and cooling tape if the holes are small.

Vent flap for dryer needs to work to keep water from leaking from the dryer.

4. Vent Flap is Defective

Nowadays, you will see a vent flap that is on the exit part of the dryer’s ventilation duct. This keeps the rain, snow, leaves, etc from getting into the system. It works by opening when air needs to go out and then stays closed when air is not going through it.

If It is not working as it should, it could be letting in moisture from the outside elements into the ventilation pipe and then this causes water to go into the dryer. Thus, causing the dryer to leak water. Additionally, if it doesn’t open, it may be blocked and will also cause the dryer vent pipe to have condensation form on the inside.

How to fix it: go outside and if you can get to the vent, see if it is working as it should and is not blocked. If it is not working, it may be damaged and needs replacing.

5. Check the Condenser Dryer

Maybe you aren’t able to connect your dryer to an external duct. Your alternative is using a condenser dryer. This type of dryer uses a tank and can take the moisture from the warm air. If the water is dripping, it may be because of the condenser system.

  1. Check the tank is empty and not leaking water
  2. Look at the hoses and condensate pump for damage
  3. Disconnect the dryer from the power and then remove the pump.

How to fix it: Replace the pump if you think it isn’t working properly or call a professional as it may just need an appliance repair.

6. Vent Exhaust Needs to Go Outdoors

Sometimes if it exhaust vent goes indoors, it can cause moisture issues. Also, the leaking water might be from the condensation created by the dryer ventilation exhausts indoors.

How to fix it: Your dryer should vent to the exterior.

The dryer not drying could have water leaking.

Maintenance for the Dryer

There are a few signs that maintenance is needed for the dryer.

  1. Clothes take longer to dry or you have to run more than one drying cycle.
  2. The dryer is very warm and hotter temperature than usual.
  3. Cleaning the dryer should be on your to-do list at least once a year. If you have animals, you may need to clean the dryer more often.

How Much Does It Cost

Prices will vary depending on what the issue is with the dryer.

Purchase a dryer vent cleaning kit.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Sometimes the dryer vent goes to the roof. It is important to clean this vent. This involves using a vacuum, a leaf blower, a towel, and a brush.

Making sure you clean the lint filter each time you use the dryer is important. This means cleaning the filter before and after use. Also, throwing the lint away is essential. If not, this could cause an electrical fire.

Now is a good time to take a look at the washer, since you are next to the dryer. Do you need to vent the washing machine drain pipe? You will need to install a standpipe that connects to the P trap. The standpipe will then connect to the drain.

Lastly, while you are taking care of the dryer ducts, also take care of any smells that are coming through the vents. You can do this by vacuuming the vents, vent covers, and changing the air filters in your HVAC unit.

When Should I Call A Professional

Calling on a professional handyman might be the best approach. It is pretty typical to have a dryer leak. Homeowners often don’t know if or when it might happen, so be prepared for it is a great approach. Finding someone who has repaired a dryer will save you money in the long run. Make it a point to ask questions of the handyman to determine if a new dryer purchase is necessary.


If you are completing any appliance upgrades or repairs, you should consult multiple licensed handymen. It is a great idea to call on a few professionally licensed handymen to get quotes on the servicing or replacement of a new dryer. At the same time, you will also want to call on All Coast Home Inspections for a home inspection in Houston, TX.

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