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Are Cherry Wood Cabinets Outdated

Cherry wood cabinets and flooring in a modern kitchen.

Homeowners have many difficult decisions when it comes to their homes. Whether you are buying a new home or upgrading your current home you have decisions to make. One of many exciting decisions happens to be the design of your kitchen. Selecting the type or style of cabinets that you would like is never easy. You don’t want to choose wrong and have to look at it everyday. Make sure that you are happy with cherry wood cabinets by looking at them in various models. Are cherry wood cabinets outdated? Not at all. They are durable, almost always in stock, and the price is rarely changed.

Let’s take a look below at why you should choose cherry wood cabinets and then some added pros and cons.

Why Choose Cherry Wood Cabinets

Believe it or not, cherry wood cabinets provide great value to a home. They have substantial value that can keep your kitchen looking aesthetically pleasing for many years. Let’s review some of the allure for purchasing cherry wood cabinets.

  • Price – cherry wood cabinets are typically listed as a mid-range price comparable to other cabinet choices. Cherry is cheaper than mahogany and ebony cabinets. You can clearly see a great return on investment with cherry wood cabinets.
  • Durable – the strength of cherry wood cabinets is very good. You will enjoy these cabinets for many years without noticing any breaking down of the wood. Also, you will notice that your cherry wood cabinets get better with age. It is money well spent.
  • Available – at any time during the year, cherry cabinets are available. The prices of these cabinets rarely changes, which makes cherry cabinets highly desirable. There is rarely a season of cherry cabinets as they are always available.
Cherry wood cabinets in a kitchen with gold hardware accents.
Cherry wood cabinets with a gold accent.

Pros Of Cherry Wood Cabinets

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can be based off the aesthetic value and what you as the homeowner want to look at all day. Let’s take a look at why homeowners might choose cherry wood cabinets.

  • Color – cherry wood brings a dark and rich color that pops to the eye. It has an elegant look that can make your kitchen look very luxurious
  • Aesthetics – selecting cherry wood cabinets in your kitchen works with any style that you have chosen. Whether it is traditional or modern that you are looking for, choosing cherry wood is a can’t miss decision.
  • Elegance – as long as you keep your cherry wood cabinets in great condition, you will experience a feeling of elegance in your kitchen.

Cons Of Cherry Wood Cabinets

Keep in mind that with every decision a homeowner makes, there comes benefits and non-benefits. In most cases, a homeowners goal is to reduce the amount of negatives that exist with their choices. Let’s take a look at some negatives with cherry wood cabinets.

  • Insects – unfortunately, cherry wood is highly desirable to termites. You can ensure that termites don’t access your cherry wood cabinets by taking the proper preventative steps to keep termites away from the home.
  • Scratch concerns – cherry wood is a soft wood and can easily be scratched, so it is important to keep from accidentally banging into the cabinets.
  • Water concerns – water can seriously damage and warp your cherry wood cabinets. If you notice water on the cabinet make sure to immediately wipe it off.

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of cherry cabinets will vary based on the size of your kitchen and how you have designed the cabinet installation. In all cases, the amount you spend changes when you design a custom kitchen. The national average for cherry cabinets ranges from $6,000 to $60,000. This all depends on how customized the cabinets are.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you have learned why cherry wood cabinets are good for your home. Take a look at the style of flooring you have in the kitchen. A lot of the aesthetics of your home depend on how the cabinets blend with your flooring. Make sure that you are installing flooring that can last as long as your cherry wood cabinets. Read up on how long laminate flooring lasts prior to deciding on laminate, or hardwood flooring vs tile flooring.

Next, after your cabinets are installed and your new countertops are placed, read up on what you can and cannot use to clean your countertops. Countertops will definitely be dirty at this point. Always remember that you cannot just use any cleaner like oven cleaner on your kitchen countertops.

Lastly, keep in mind what is needed when conducting a custom build project. When cabinets are picked out for a custom home build, you want to make sure everything is done the right way. After the cherry wood cabinets are installed and the kitchen countertops are placed, make sure that caulking has been completed in the joints between the countertops and kitchen walls. Before you begin painting the kitchen walls, read up on how long it takes for caulking to dry? You wouldn’t want to mess up the project.

A cabinet contractor installing new hardware on the cabinet.
Cabinet contractor installing cabinetry.

When Do I Call A Professional

Accessing a professional cabinet maker or cabinet contractor is important in this case. You will want to hire the right contractor who can design and use your kitchen space in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and makes use of your space. If you aren’t sure who to contact for quality cabinet installations reach out to your local home inspection team. They can take a look at your current kitchen space and what is needed to upgrade your kitchen. Also, your local home inspection team can refer you to a reputable cabinet maker or contractor.


Having cherry wood cabinets installed in your home is a great option for any homeowner looking to upgrade their kitchen aesthetics. Always make sure that you have measured out your kitchen space and reviewed any new plans for the installation. Contact your local home inspection team to get all of your kitchen appliances, cabinets, counter-tops, closet space, plumbing, and electrical systems inspected. After you have your inspection report, you can get a referral for a reputable kitchen cabinet contractor. Call on All Coast Home Inspections for a home inspection in Houston, TX.

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