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How To Get Playdough Out Of Carpet

By July 13, 2023Home maintenance

It is hard to find a kid (and sometimes an adult) who doesn’t like playdough. There are so many fun accessories to go with it and the texture of it is cool. As with many things kids play with, it may end up on the carpet. Wondering how to get playdough out of the carpet? Allow it to dry and use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, you can get playdough out of the carpet. Let’s see how to do this.

Why Is Playdough An Issue?

Playdough is very soft and sticky so it gets embedded into the carpet fibers. Then, this makes it difficult to get it out of the carpet. There are different ways to clean it, depending on if it is dry or still fresh. Keep in mind that it can leave an oily residue and look like a stain so you will also need to remove this.

What Are The Tools I Will Need?

  1. Butter knife
  2. Stiff brush
  3. Rubbing alcohol
  4. Hydrogen peroxide
  5. Paper towel
Play dough can get stuck in carpet.

Fresh Playdough

If the playdough is fresh on the carpet, use another ball of playdough and stick it on the playdough in the carpet for 1-2 seconds. Then, lift the ball of playdough and it should pick up the amount that is in the carpet. You may need to do this in a swift motion and work at getting the playdough pulled up. You can also try a vacuum that is powerful to see if it can get the excess dough up.

Dried Playdough

If you aren’t successful with getting the fresh playdough up, or you prefer to wait until it is dry, that is fine too. Homeowners often find dry playdough easier to remove. It will take a few hours or sometimes a day for the drying process for playdough. Make sure that the playdough is dried. Also, it will be easier to get it out of the carpet fibers when it is dry than fresh and gooey.

You might have the idea to pour a cup of warm water and soap on the stain, but don’t do that. That will cause the playdough to melt more into the carpet so making sure you let it dry completely is key.

Step 1: Use a Butter Knife or Stiff Brush

Once you have the dried playdough, take a butter knife or stiff brush to scrape away and loosen the dried playdough. This needs to be done in the same direction, not in a circular motion.

Step 2: Vacuum Dried Pieces

After you have loosened pieces of the dry playdough, use a vacuum to remove the dried pieces. You want to do this as soon as the pieces are loose so they don’t get trampled back into the carpet. Scraping and vacuuming may be needed to do the job effectively.

Step 3: Remove Stubborn Stains

Rubbing Alcohol

Using a clean paper towel, pour a little amount of rubbing alcohol onto it and blot the stained area. This will help loosen any residue that remains. Rubbing can make the affected area worse so just blot it. Also, use clean spots on the towel so you don’t spread the stain.

Additionally, be careful of the adhesive that is on the back of the carpet. Rubbing alcohol can damage it so make sure you don’t pour it right on the carpet. Instead, put a small amount on a paper towel and then apply it to the surface of the stain.

It’s a good idea to test the rubbing alcohol on the carpet in a place that is not seen to make sure it won’t damage the carpet. A good place may be under a table or on the edge of the carpet.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Stain Remover

If you have stubborn playdough stains on a white carpet, you will want to use hydrogen peroxide. Put a small amount on a clean paper towel and blot the stain gently. Hydrogen peroxide can bleach carpet so only use it on white carpet.

Additionally, if you use another stain remover, make sure to also use some mild soap on a paper towel and blot the carpet. Then, wash the soap away with cold water. You can do this by using a spray bottle to wet the area and then blot the carpet with a clean towel. Don’t soak the carpet though. Be sure to only use cold water as hot water can make the playdough soft again and you don’t want that.

Fan drying the carpet

Step 4: Drying The Carpet

Now that you have used everything to get the playdough out of the carpet and soap and water, it is time to dry it. Take some paper towels and cover the spot. Then, by adding pressure, you can soak up the water and get it to dry.

Hairdryer- on the lowest setting, you can dry the carpet. Pat it to see when it is dry.

Desk Fan – This can also be used by placing it on the floor by the wet carpet and letting it blow over the area.

Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know how to get playdough out of the carpet, let’s look at a few other areas of maintenance. One of those is cleaning the carpet on the stairs. It can be tricky to figure out how to clean carpet on stairs but using a vacuum and carpet cleaner is the best way. You will want the carpet to look nice so this is a good way to take care of it.

Another area is cleaning the concrete floor after removing the carpet. Whether you are replacing the carpet or adding tile or other flooring, removing the glue, tact strips and carpet padding is important. This will allow whatever flooring is going on next to have a smooth surface to start.

Lastly, we know that mold spores can be anywhere so mold can grow on concrete. There is concrete inside and outside of the home. Groundwater and humidity in the home can cause this, so taking care of these issues is important.

When to Contact a Professional

When you have playdough stains on the carpet, it is important to take care of it. You don’t want it stuck further into the carpet. If you are having a hard time getting it out, you may want to contact a professional to take care of it. They can help get it out without discoloring the carpet. Don’t be afraid to hire someone to help with this issue.


Aesthetically, you want to make sure your carpet looks nice and lasts for many years. If you have a hard time keeping it clean because of small children or animals, you might want to look at tile or other flooring. Contacting a professional to help with what works best for your home is a great idea. You also want to make sure there are no major issues in the home so ordering a home inspection is the way to go so reach out to All Coast Home Inspections for a home inspection in Houston, TX.

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