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Can You Paint Roof Tiles

By September 24, 2021Roof
Painting of Roof Tiles

Driving home, you are taking a look at your nice neighborhood. As you pull into your driveway, you notice that your neighbor has a shiny roof, but yours is looking dull. Can you paint roof tiles? Fortunately, yes, you can paint roof tiles and make them shiny! There is a process that we will discuss below.

Let’s take a look at how to paint your roof tiles.

How Do You Paint Roof Tiles

Walking on a tiled roof is a difficult process that requires some prep work to not damage the tiles. We encourage you to leave this to the professionals. However, for those daring individuals, let’s take a look at the steps necessary to ensure you are not going to damage your roof tiles when it is time to paint.

  1. Put carpet on two sheets of plywood to limit the possibility of slipping on the roof.

2. Make sure you have a roof harness and a ladder set up for support.

3. Lay two plywood sheets with carpet side down and attach your bungee support to the gutter and ladder.

4. Bring your pressure washing needs up the ladder and secure one end of your rope to your harness and the other end to a secure roof pipe that is locked into place to ensure proper safety.

5. Pressure wash the roof first to clean the tiles and allow the roof tiles to dry.

6. Prepare your paint sprayer with the necessary amount and double-check your safety.

7. Begin your spraying of the roof tiles in an even stroke to make sure the paint is evenly distributed.

Painting a tile roof
Painting a tile roof

Terracotta vs Other Roof Tiles

There is a difference between terracotta roof tiles and other types of roof tiles. Can you paint terracotta roof tiles? No, terracotta roofs cannot be painted. This is mainly because terracotta is porous and made out of clay.

  • Unglazed terracotta roof tiles are porous and vulnerable to weather conditions. These types of tiles require constant maintenance and cleaning to maintain longevity.
  • Glazed terracotta roof tiles maintain a clean look longer and will allow the homeowner to have less stress about cleaning and longevity.

Cleaning Terracotta Roof Tiles

If you want to clean your terracotta roof there are options. First off, you will want to replace any broken tiles and then pressure wash the terracotta tiles. This will rejuvenate them and make them look new. After you pressure wash, reposition any tiles that might have shifted out of place. Lastly, clean your gutters, and check all valleys of the terracotta roofing design.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Roof Tiles

The average cost to paint a tile roof is about $2,500. You are typically looking at $4 to $10 per square foot. So, you can imagine that the size of the roof will determine how much your final bill will cost. It is always a great idea to gather multiple quotes from your local area professional paint contractors.

Other Maintenance Ideas For the Roof

Roof Sheathing

While you are looking into painting your roof tiles, you might want to consider going deeper into the roof layers themselves. It might be a good time to check the roof sheathing. Take a look at the information, as you might want to have this checked during your roof inspection.

Roof Truss

In addition to the roof sheathing, when the inspectors complete a full roof inspection, they will look at your roof truss in the attic. As long as the homeowner hasn’t cut the roof truss to make space in the attic for storage, then the roof is still in a stable situation. But, having the peace of mind that the roof is as it should be, is important.

Clean Snow Off Roof

In the winter, make sure you are not leaving any snow on the roof if you live in a place that receives significant snowfall. You can clean the snow off the roof with a roof rake so you aren’t climbing and possibly breaking the tiles.

Moss On Roof

Check that there is no moss growing on the roof. If there is, be sure to get rid of it and remove any trees that are hanging close to the roof. You don’t want to paint the roof tiles to cover the moss because if you are due for an inspection and the insurance company finds out you painted over moss, your insurance can be canceled.

Roof Inspection Checklist

Lastly, while you are on the roof, you can take a look at the roof inspection checklist. This is good to do once a year in the cooler months such as early fall to see if there are any issues.

Professional painting a roof
Painting a Roof

When Do I Hire A Professional

The moment that you feel your roof tiles are looking dull, is the moment you should reach out to a professional paint contractor. You will want to also consider contacting your local home inspection team for a roof inspection. This will allow you to determine if you need more than just a roof painting.


When looking to do any home updates or upgrades, it is a great idea to consult various professionals. You will first want to call on a few professional paint contractors to get quotes on the painting of your tile roof. While you are doing that, you will also want to call on All Coast Home Inspections for a roof inspection in Houston, TX. They will be able to determine if you need more than just a simple tile roof paint job.

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