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Use a hair removal tool to get the hair out of a clogged sink drain.

How To Get Hair Out Of Sink Drain

One of the most undesirable home maintenance projects is getting hair and gook build-up removed from your sink drains. No homeowner wants to deal with the process of removing hair and other gross build-ups from…
Lou Wissner
September 26, 2022
Homeowner's insurance policy cover page.
Air conditioner

Does Home Insurance Cover HVAC

Understanding what your homeowners insurance policy covers is vital to understanding what gets replaced and what does not. Unfortunately for homeowners, the insurance policies can vary by state, size of the home, and the needs…
Lou Wissner
July 20, 2022
Pressure washing a hard to reach soffit on a two story home.

Can You Power Wash Soffits

There are many projects in and around a home. Maintaining all of the working parts is important to your health and safety, and keeping your investment intact. Often times as a homeowner we forget to…
Lou Wissner
June 21, 2022